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  1. Ensure that an effective and participatory M&E system is established in a decentralized manner as is possible and is effective.
  2. Data collection, entry, processing and analysis and also ensuring that quality reports are produced.
  3. Producing periodic monthly, quarterly and any other reports as may be required from time to time.
  4. Manage on a day today basis the CIDI MIS system and ensure that it’s operationalized in all CIDI offices.
  5. Make sure the business of the projects is conducted in an efficient manner by supervising and monitoring project implementation. Ensure that timely decisions on corrective actions are made and implemented.
  6. Projects and Following up progress of work plans of various activities visa vis the set targets- to ensure they are being achieved on time. This goes with ensuring that project managers are up to date with their project reports with donors.
  7. Communicate any serious findings or those needing urgent action immediately to the Executive Director even before the time of the formal report.
  8. You may schedule and conduct any monitoring review meeting/seminar/enquiry with any of the offices/staffs of CIDI upon notification of the Programs Coordinator where necessary.
  9. Participate in ongoing fundraising activities of the organization through proposal and other means that may be identified form time to time.
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