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 Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) is a National NGO that coordinates and implements several projects in Uganda. CIDI works at the vanguard of community development focusing on four thematic areas; Water and sanitation promotion, Sustainable agriculture for food and incomes, Humanitarian work, Health promotion and Policy advocacy. CIDI with branches across the country works amongst the vulnerable communities in both rural and urban areas to improve their livelihoods.

 CIDI seeks to recruit well self-motivated individuals to fill the following vacant positions in CIDI






Key Result Area:

a.     Developing and maintaining good financial discipline in financial management and accountability of the CIDI operations.

b.     Planning and producing budgets to the organization and advising CIDI management and on budget implications.

c.     Making pay rolls and checking all payments before authorization for payments.

d.     Ensure that all requisition procedures are followed and according to specified budget lines at all times.

e.     Apply your computerized accounting knowledge to keep all project and organizational accounts and be able to retrieve reports any time they are demanded.

f.      Ensure that all books of accounts are properly recorded and kept up to date and that all accountabilities and back up documents for expenditures of all monies are properly filed. All monies expended in all projects must be fully accounted.

g.     Compiling and consolidating the financial reports of the projects and be responsible for Financial Audits.

h.     Conduct periodic monitoring visits to the field and ensure value for money.

i.      Ensure transparency and accountability in the use of program funds.

j.      Keeping a register of all organizations assets in the branch.

k.     Participate in ongoing fundraising activities of the organization through writing proposals or any other activities that you may from time to time be called upon to participate.

l.      Carry out any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by CIDI. Authorized management for furtherance of organizational goals.


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