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Farming as a family business through effective trainings 

CIDI is supporting farmers in Rakai district to increase their productivity and income through effective technical trainings and support with seedlings. Jimmy Matovu can now do farming as a busniss

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Livelihood improvement through voluntary savings and loan association initiatives 

Lack of financial institutions in Asuret sub county,  Soroti district, many of the farmers could hardly believe that savings initiatives can be successful in the long term. But Grace Asio proved the opposite

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Delivering safe water to farmers through CIDI's Advocacy Interventions

Over the years, leaders of farmer groups and associations in Katine sub-county Soroti District had consistently submitted their requests to CIDI to come to their rescue and provide them with clean water. Read how CIDI helped the farmers of Adamasiko village Katine sub-county

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School feeding model through gardening activity

The pupils of Takaramiam primary school are eating the food of their own school garden. CIDI supported the school to start this intervention which is a success. Read the story.

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From small scale farmer groups to associations through collective marketing: A case of Katine integrated farmers association

Over the years CIDI has been supporting Small scale farmer groups. See how these groups have been integrated and transformed into bigger associations and how the Collective marketing model has increased their bargaining power and productivity.

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Wealth creation among a community youth group with piggery management

Members of a Community youth farmer group have been trained in improved and effective piggery management and now believe that piggery is the way to go. Read their story.

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Capacity building of young farmers in Rakai

In our Youth Project in Rakai District we are offering trainings for young farmers to increase their productivity and income. Some of them become successfull like Aloysius

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Useful technologies for woman group in rural area

An innovative and practical project of CIDI is supporting village people in Soroti district to reduce hard labor work and be more effective

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Lawrence has diversified his lifelihood trough effective farming

Lawrence, a member of a Youth group in a CIDI project has opend up a horticultural gardens has been earning some money that has helped him meet his personal needs

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