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Organizational Structure 

CIDI has an advisory board composed of 7 members that decides on the strategic direction of the organization.  The board takes decisions on organization policies.  Board also makes assessment of project implementation, achievements and plans for expansion.  It approves budget plans and financial reports and audits and takes on contract agreement decisions.  The Board of CIDI consists of personalities of impeccable character who are also professionals in agriculture, Human rights, economics and banking, social research and advocacy, financial management, appropriate technologies, development studies and others.

Below the board is the secretariat and office of CIDI, which is well established and consists of well-qualified and competent staff headed by the Executive director. He is supported by a team comprising 70 qualified staff whose composition includes: senior project officers in charge of projects, technical and support staff. These are charged with the technical functions of the organization.  CIDI also has field fully fledged offices in Central and Teso Regional operational area where project activities in those areas are run. This include a pool of committed full time professional staff that is well grounded and technically competent professionals in project planning and management, agriculture and community development, health care training and promotion, training and capacity building, social research, water and environmental sanitation and others. These offices enjoy a reasonable degree of autonomy, while still answerable to the secretariat in Kampala. This minimizes too much bureaucracy and facilitates projects to move.

Below the secretariat is the Group Leaders’/Farmers’ forums consisting of representatives of community groups, WASH management Structures and Village Health Teams where CIDI conducts her activities and these provide a feedback mechanism to CIDI through the extension staff or scheduled meetings.




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